As data encryption is becoming a new norm, application developers are being required to implement data encryption. This, along with adequate key management, is vital for effective data security.


Encrypting data at the application level remains one of the most powerful ways to secure data throughout its lifecycle. It’s also the most complex method for encrypting, due to sometimes significant code changes, testing cycles, and maintenance over time. What’s the right approach for securing data at the application?

Enhancing the security capabilities of your applications could be needed for a variety of reasons:

  • Crypto-based applications need a better way of accessing and managing keys

  • Applications need to implement tokenization or some form of format-preserving encryption

  • Apps need to be able to securely communicate with other systems, and must implement encryption in order to do so

  • Hybrid cloud applications need to integrate with cloud-native key management systems

The list goes on and on.

An application encryption engagement with Sidechain is usually a bespoke effort to understand what security requirements you’re implementing, developing a matrix of recommended approaches and tooling to accomplish them, and helping you understand the scope and effort to do so. These engagements do not fall under the “once size fits most” and as a result, tend to be very custom engagements designed to meet your specific needs.



What is the best strategy to use for implementing encryption in my application? What solutions are available to assist with this? What impact does adequate key management have on our efforts?


  • First, we understand the application use cases for encryption and/or key management. What security goals need to be met?

  • We perform an analysis of available solutions, products, and technologies that will assist in achieving those security goals. Hand-rolling encryption is rarely the answer, and we’ll provide options and approaches.

  • Our deliverable to you is an assessment that recommends the tools to look at for your implementation. Chances are, we’ve used them ourselves, and can assist in a proof-of-concept or in creating MVP code.


  • Medium / High

  • Due to the custom nature of the requirements applications have, these engagements are usually designed specifically for the needs of each client. They often are accompanied with engineering and code development.


  • Our engagement will leave you with a strategy in hand that can be used to inform an application encryption project. We accomplish this quickly and collaboratively, enabling you to immediately plan the project or move to evaluation.

  • You’ll understand what technologies you need to assess for an application encryption project, how they meet your needs, what level of effort is required to implement them, and how to resource the project.