Data Security Assessments

Knowing is more than just half the battle. It makes the difference between the success and failure of your data security efforts.

Data Security Assessments from Sidechain Security provide vital insight into the current state and effectiveness of your data security program based on industry best practices and the constantly evolving threatscape.

Our assessments go beyond just examining security controls and aligning with leading risk management frameworks. Sidechain takes a 100% data-focus approach to give you a unique perspective on your business risks and readiness

Service Offerings

Data Security Assessment Services from Sidechain help you get and stay compliant by first gaining a deep understanding of your data security posture.

Sidechain Cyber Diagnostic

Get your cyber-risk and readiness score across the services, devices, and human capital that run your business.

Know if your critical business services and SaaS solutions are configured securely

Assess the security readiness of your staff, contractors, and business partners

Protect your brand and productivity

Cloud Security Assessment Services

Be certain and know if your cloud data protection is meeting your risk management and compliance objectives.

Evaluate cloud assets for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and other risk factors

Clarify shared responsibility model implications and requirements

Deliver actionable recommendations and optimization opportunities

Sidechain HealthCheck™

Gain peace of mind that your data security and protections investments are operational and effectively meeting your data security goals.

Inspect over 30 data security controls and operational practices

Evaluate results using industry and product best practices

Deliver actionable insight and guidance to improve or maintain your data security posture

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