Security Awareness Training

Raise the security awareness bar at your company and empower your employees to turn the tables on sophisticated cyber-threats.

Sidechain Security offers a range of Security Awareness Training programs from fundamentals through in-depth technical training.

Our courses prepare your staff to be more aware, ready, and resilient in the face of cyber-attacks—no matter the skill level, role, or responsibilities.

Training Programs

Security Awareness Training Programs from Sidechain make it easy and enjoyable to create a security-focused culture. We offer the flexibility of in-person or remote training delivered by seasoned experts.

Foundational Security Awareness Training

Skill up your entire organization on the basics of security and data protection to proactively reduce risk, stay compliant, and safeguard your business.

Learn fundamentals of security and data governance

Gain awareness of common threats, like phish attacks and ransomware

Adopt password, device, social media, email, and other security best practices

Security Awareness Training for Engineers

Build security into every facet of your products and services with this advanced course specially designed for highly technical audiences.

Learn the principles of data security and protection

Embrace risk management frameworks

Develop strategies for security automation and response


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