Managed Data Protection

Managed Data Protection is a cloud-based solution that simplifies data security and delivers unparalleled data protection.

Managed Data Protection helps organizations meet compliance needs for data-at-rest encryption without complicated products to deploy or specialized training.

Data protection is a fundamental concern for every business. Not only are threats of data breach and ransomware increasing in number and sophistication, but regulatory and third-party requirements to encrypt data-at-rest are becoming more commonplace. Address these challenges with Managed Data Protection.

Service Overview

Operated by data security experts, Sidechain Managed Data Protection is a managed service that enables one-click encryption to databases, file servers, and cloud assets, along with industry-leading support.

Fully Managed Data Protection 

Yesterday’s approach to data security involved expensive, complicated solutions that required special expertise to maintain and operate. Encrypting data was risky and prone to error. Sidechain removes these risks through a managed service that delivers:

Expert operational services that provide encryption and key management to safeguard your data

Cloud-based solution that doesn’t require complicated equipment or expensive appliances

Intuitive onboarding and seamless protection of your existing databases, file servers, and other data repositories

Compliance for Encryption and Key Management

Be ready to respond to industry-standard requirements, third-party requests, or your next security audit with required data-at-rest protections such as encryption and strong key management.

Reduce the complexity of external audits or third-party attestation requests

Conform to data protection controls, as required by PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, NYDFS, and other regulations

Compliance reporting and evidences at your fingertips when you need them for audit purposes

Continuous Monitoring and Alerting

Our systems watch for anomalous behavior and suspicious access attempts to your data. These controls then block all unauthorized access, while alerting our engineers of the event. 

Reduce false-positive by enabling our experts to triage and respond to suspicious alerts

Abnormal data access and malware is stopped in its tracks, while your data remains protected

24×7 security monitoring frees up your team to focus on other operational tasks


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