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About Sidechain

Sidechain is a global leader in delivering data security consulting and professional services.

Sidechain is a leading Vormetric services firm, and one of the only consulting firms in the world exclusively focused on Data Security Strategy and Technology. We help enterprises architect the solutions that protect the world’s most sensitive data.

All of our professionals have extensive experience with enterprise solutions. Our consulting unit has worked with companies of all sizes to understand the requirements for data protection and security. Our professional services group, as well as our managed service organization, have a long history of front-lines customer support and service delivery. We understand that enterprise technology is operationalized 24/7, 365 days a year, and ensure our customers are supported around the clock.

Founded in 2017, our early team spent nearly a decade at Vormetric, the global leader in data security and enterprise encryption solutions. Our clients have included both Fortune 50 companies as well as stealth-mode startups. Sidechain is based in Portland, OR.

Contact us to explore how Sidechain can ensure your data security projects are a success.