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Data Security Consulting and Services

Sidechain is a global leader in delivering data security consulting and professional services.

Our team has worked with the largest companies in the world to design, architect, pilot, and roll out data security solutions. We have experience with many technologies, products, and vendors. Our goal is to help your organization choose the right technology for your data security requirements, and maximize the utilization of the data security products you’ve invested in.

DataStax Security Assessments

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is  not just a leading high-performance, distributed database. It’s a robust suite of solutions that power the world’s most demanding data processing needs. However, Big Data solutions such as DSE can introduce risk. While DSE offers a wide variety of controls to protect critical data, they aren’t effective without correct implementation. Sidechain’s DataStax Security Assessment supports your big data efforts by assessing your DSE implementation to determine if appropriate security and governance controls are implemented.

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Our Vormetric Services Catalog

Organizations across the globe have chosen Vormetric as their data security and encryption standard.

We have built a team of experts that can help ensure success, whether you are rolling out a new data encryption effort from scratch, or already manage a large footprint of encrypted servers. We are one of the only firms in North America that focuses strictly on Vormetric product services and support.

Whether you’re designing a data security strategy from the ground up, want to get more out of your Vormetric implementation, or need your staff focused on other things, we can help.

Want to talk to experts about your Vormetric implementation? Contact us and let’s chat.