The Power Behind Sidechain’s Managed Data Protection

By Andrew Lance | CEO

Since its pilot launch in 2021, customers have been attracted to Sidechain’s Managed Data Protection service for one primary reason: to gain ironclad data protection with none of the operational complexity or overhead.

Sidechain delivers this service by offering customers what is far and away the enterprise leader in data security but in a fully managed, cloud-based service. By leveraging our strategic partnership with Thales to deliver CipherTrust™ Data Security Platform-as-a-service, Sidechain and Thales are making data security accessible to more organizations than ever before.

Start with the Best

Let’s hammer this home: data protection is fundamental to the successful operation of every business. Often the best way to protect your data as a business is to utilize a data security platform (DSP) to combine typically siloed security tools into an all-encompassing solution.

The industry standard for DSPs is the Thales CipherTrust™ Data Security Platform. The solution unifies data discovery, classification, and data protection, and provides unprecedented granular access controls with centralized key management – all on a single platform to meet data privacy and security regulations. With so much integrated into the platform, the CipherTrust DSP eases the complexity of achieving data security benchmarks, reduces time to compliance, and provides security to cloud migration. In short, the CipherTrust DSP lessens risk from data security threats across your business. That is why Sidechain Managed Data Protection is powered by the CipherTrust Data Security Platform; so that managing your data security is simplified while still delivering unparalleled data protection.

The Benefits of the CipherTrust Data Security Platform

Comprehensive Data Protection

CipherTrust Data Security Platform supports a variety of use cases across the data security lifecycle via its centralized key management, data encryption, live data transformation, tokenization with dynamic data masking, privileged user access controls, and security intelligence.

Integrated Data Discovery and Classification

CipherTrust DSP offers data discovery and classification functionality for your business providing clear visibility into where your crown jewels – your data – reside across on-premises, big data, and cloud environments. It enables you to understand your business risks and automate their remediation.

Support for the Broadest Deployment Environments

CipherTrust DSP protects structured and unstructured data-at-rest no matter where it may reside, such as in files, volumes, databases, and applications on Windows, AIX, and Linux OS’s across physical/virtual servers, in containers, cloud, and big data environments.

FIPS 140-2 Validated HSMs and Connectors

CipherTrust is designed to meet the strictest compliance requirements. Many of the data protection connectors are FIPS validated. In addition, the CipherTrust Manager physical appliance is already equipped with an embedded FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM for a secure internal root of trust. Other options include virtual and physical appliances to use an external HSM as a root of trust.

Adaptable Multi-Cloud Security

CipherTrust DSP offers considerable choice to securely move workloads to the cloud and hosted environments, as well as repatriating data back on-prem, assuring that your data remains in your control.

Developer-Friendly APIs

CipherTrust DSP includes a host of customizable products that developers can enable at the application layer to protect against threats without becoming crypto experts. Available options include, but are not limited to tokenization, key management, and encryption services accessible with REST, KMIP, or with Java, C, and .Net bindings to PKCS#11 standard libraries. Further, with CipherTrust DSP, you can ensure that Zero Trust best practices are met because your IT team remains in control of encryption keys, tokenization rules, and access policies.

Flexible Deployment Choices

CipherTrust can be deployed physically or virtually with optional hybrid clustering for high-availability environments to ensure peak processing regardless of a location on-premises or in the cloud. CipherTrust Manager also provides multi-tenancy and separation-of-duty capabilities required to support large enterprise environments.

Accelerate Time to Compliance

CipherTrusts extensive capabilities help meet data security and privacy requirements, including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other data protection and privacy laws.

Unmatched Partner Ecosystem

CipherTrust offers an extensive set of partner integrations with leading enterprise storage, server, database, and SaaS vendors, including, NetApp, Dell EMC, Pure Storage, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle TDE, Teradata, ServiceNow, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and more.


An All-in-One Solution to Data Protection and Key Management

If it sounds like CipherTrust Data Security Platform provides you with plenty of tools to meet your data security needs, you are correct. If your next thought is, that’s great, but managing CipherTrust DSP seems like work in itself, Sidechain Security Managed Data Protection can help your business utilize these tools, such as seamless data encryption, at a fraction of the price of an enterprise management solution, removing all of the operational overhead from your team.

Sidechain Managed Data Protection offers the complete data security benefits of CipherTrust DSP within a single managed service, giving you complete visibility over security across your data assets. In addition, Managed Data Protection provides access to a Dedicated Mode, through which your business maintains access to all of its tools while having the ability to utilize the solution within your private cloud deployment.

To learn more about Sidechain Managed Data Protection and how the solution can fit your company’s data security needs, get started now with a no-cost consultation with a cybersecurity expert from Sidechain Security.

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Sidechain Security is a leading global data security provider specializing in solutions that safeguard your company’s most critical asset: your data. Sidechain Managed Data Protection automates data protection through a cloud-based service that delivers unparalleled data security and compliance reporting. Sidechain’s data protection solutions have been deployed globally across all sectors, including retail, manufacturing, tech, and financial services. The company is headquartered in Portland, OR.

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