About Us

Sidechain Security is a data security consulting firm. We specialize in solutions that safeguard your company’s most critical asset: your data. 

Our Story

Sidechain Security was borne out of the entrepreneurial, refusal-to-die spirit of our Founder and CEO, Andrew Lance. After two decades working in data security for global leaders like Vormetric, the start-up bug bit Andrew and he set out to build his own company. Unfortunately, he failed the first time.

With his back against the wall after his company folded and with a mortgage to pay, Andrew took a “seven-mile walk” and asked himself, what do I know and what am I most passionate about? The answer was not hard to find: cybersecurity.

Reflecting back on his experience working in the field, Andrew was driven by one thing above all else: no business deserves to be disrupted by a cyber-attack.

The Hack That Launched a Mission

This belief was solidified in 2014 when Andrew was called in to help after the now-infamous Sony Pictures hack. With damages of nearly $100 million and the release of personal information of employees and their dependents, the event awoke America to cyber-attacks. It also set Andrew on a path committed to protecting businesses from them.

Digital and cyber threats, like the Sony hack, surround us. Despite countless security products available today, good people and businesses are still swindled and left hopeless. Installing security products alone is not adequate. Protection requires an understanding of these products and continual expert guidance to maximize their impact.

A Security Backbone For Your Business

That is the niche into which Sidechain Security was born. Andrew chose to name the company after the “sidechain,” a chemical structure that supports the backbone of a molecule and influences its properties.

Our story is no different. We bring our subject matter expertise to support our clients’ success and help define their cybersecurity strategies. In this role, Sidechain serves as the backbone to your company’s security efforts, regardless of product or solution.

We believe in making security less scary and more accessible for everyone—from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses.

Our approach has enabled Sidechain Security to grow into an internationally recognized cybersecurity firm, supporting clients across the globe, including Google, Wells Fargo, Zoom, and Visa.

Our Guiding Principals

Our commitment to more accessible cybersecurity begins with adhering to our five principles:

Communicate in a language that anyone can understand


Focus on a data-centric approach to protect your most business-critical assets


Work in tandem with your existing security products


Ensure that you understand the measures we put into place


Continue to support you after our initial implementations and in perpetuity

Andrew Lance

Andrew Lance

Founder and CEO

Andrew Lance is the Founder and CEO of Sidechain Security. With over two decades of experience and vast industry knowledge, Andrew has helped countless companies to assess, design, implement, and support their data security efforts. As a former regional manager at global data security firm, Vormetric, Andrew helped grow the company into a recognized security leader. Sidechain combines Andrew’s enterprise expertise with his commitment to a best-in-class customer experience.
Ian Hameroff

Ian Hameroff

Head of Marketing and Partnerships

Ian Hameroff leads marketing and partnership at Sidechain Security. Ian is an award-winning product marketer, advisor, and speaker with more than two decades of global B2B experience. He has held marketing and product leadership roles at several of the world’s leading technology companies, including Microsoft, Nintex, ExtraHop, Promethean World, and Computer Associates (now Broadcom, Inc.).
Dwain Engel

Dwain Engel

Senior Security Engineer

Dwain Engel is the senior data security engineer at Sidechain Security. He is responsible for technical services delivery for Sidechain’s clients. Dwain is a Thales CipherTrust expert with over a decade of enterprise IT experience specializing in networking, data security, cloud platforms, and Kubernetes. Dwain joined Sidechain from Johnson Controls.
Devin Moss

Devin Moss

Consultant and Content Manager

Devin Moss is responsible for content development and editorial strategy to promote customer success at Sidechain Security. Devin has over seven years of experience in writing and development content, including in journalism, law, academia, and for B2B and B2C. He is a graduate of Cornell University and the University of San Diego. 

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