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This educational institution manages records for nearly 40,000 personnel and students. State privacy regulations prompted the creation of a data security effort to build upon existing security protections, including the hiring of a small team of security engineers responsible for managing products and systems.



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Our client needed a full data security assessment to understand where they were at and what needed to be done to comply with state regulations and security best practices. Cross-training was also a priority so that newly hired staff could manage existing products and technologies.

Our Recommendations

Sidechain completed a comprehensive assessment of the institution’s data security practices and security controls to identify areas for improvements. The learnings were also helpful in developing a training and enablement program right-sized to the client’s unique needs.

We found that the technology was sufficient but suffered neglect due to staffing shortages over the years. Our team built a concrete plan to upgrade outdated platforms and products to stabilize the environment. Next, we created a roadmap to direct the client’s further data security efforts, mapping to strategic initiatives to address state regulations and strengthen the overall security posture of the institution.

Our team then prepared and delivered technical skills training and knowledge transfer for new staff members. We customized the program to incorporate the specific implications of state regulations and the impact on data privacy today and in the future.

Sidechain continues to work closely with this customer serving as a go-to resource for questions or issues with their data protection technologies.



Stable, managed data security effort to protect the privacy of each student and staff working for the institution.


Fully trained security staff to support data security products.


Close support relationship so that issues are identified, rapidly diagnosed, and fixed by our consultants.

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