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Enterprise encryption strategy helps focus this Bank’s data security priorities

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Already seen as a technology leader, this banking customer had ambitious plans to implement a consistent enterprise-wide data protection strategy. The challenges were great: updating legacy technologies and systems, responding to emerging regulatory requirements, and creating a rock-solid security framework were all necessary. Together with Sidechain, our client was able to tackle this multi-year effort.



Total systems encrypted


Reduction in support resolution with Sidechain Support Contract

Full Story

Many organizations find themselves in the same situation as our client.

Security technologies implemented over time resulted in redudancy and unecessary costs from supporting too many vendors.

A lack of centralized management and reporting made compliance auditing an enormous resource drain. Performing a uniform data risk assessment was impossible.

Staff was taxed on learning any capability well and was spread too thin due to the volume of solutions implemented.

Additionally, pressure from business units to migrate workloads to the cloud created the need to evaluate even more data security solutions that were cloud friendly.

Needing a blank-sheet approach to these problems, the bank partnered with Sidechain to address these core issues. Our experience working with enterprises to evaluate their as-is state, provide data security assessments, and strong service delivery capabilities, enabled us to support our client end-to-end with their efforts.

Our Recommendations


Assess data security technologies implemented across the enterprise.


Streamline the audit process.


Provide training and enablement to staff.

Our client was simply paying too much for data security. We illustrated that significant cost savings could be found by reducing the overall vendor footprint, and maximizing the use of fewer solutions.

We helped create a set of runbooks that are used repeatedly to gather the right information at the right time across all solutions. We also helped create the specification for a data security dashboard that aggregates critical status and operational readiness for data protection technologies.

For several key technologies that would be relied on more, we created a bespoke training program for staff that enabled them to not only better support the products, but spread the work around. This creates less burden on the security staff, while providing better service capability to business units requiring data security.

Additionally, we have continued supporting this customer through an extended support contract that gives them instant access to our consultants, enabling us to achieve a nearly 30% decrease in mean time to resolve support tickets.



23% reduction in annual spend on data security products and solutions across 1000+ servers.


30% decrease in support ticket resolution time.


Shorter data-gathering effort for audit information. Centralized data risk snapshots and reporting, as well as operational dashboard of data security products deployed in the enterprise. Overall, a stronger security posture with comprehensive aggregate reporting.

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