How to Choose a Vormetric Consultant

By Andrew Lance | CEO

Customers across the globe have chosen Vormetric as their enterprise encryption solution to protect data at rest. While it is a powerful solution, it also requires expert knowledge to properly administer and maintain. After all, most customers use Vormetric to protect their most sensitive data, often in production environments.

One wrong move and this data can quickly become unavailable or even corrupted.

Finding and retaining cybersecurity talent is hard enough, and hiring employees with Vormetric expertise is challenging, to say the least. Leveraging a Vormetric consultant can often be the stopgap that many enterprises need to shore up their implementation, ensure stability and best-practice configuration, and keep data secure.

When it comes to choosing a Vormetric consultant, there are plenty of options available: freelance contractors, small businesses, and larger consultancies. Each comes with its own set of positives that must be evaluated based on your company’s data security needs.

Choosing the right consultant to ensure your most critical asset—your data–is adequately protected with Vormetric requires forethought and planning.

The following three considerations will help your business choose the Vormetric consultant that best meets your unique requirements to prevent interruption from cyberattack:

1. Determine the Type of Help You Seek

The first and most crucial step in choosing a Vormetric consultant is identifying the type of engagement you require. If you are unsure of the help you need, you may struggle to find the right consultant and articulate your goals to them. Broadly speaking, we can break up Vormetric consulting work into three types.

Data Protection Strategy Consultation

The protection of your company’s data crown jewels requires strategic decision-making that may be made more digestible with the support of a consultant.

If your current Vormetric challenge centers on broad-based issues such as determining the security outcomes you need to drive, identifying how to meet compliance requirements, or pinpointing the best approach to safeguard your data, you need strategic support from your Vormetric consultant.

Focus on finding a consultant with knowledge of multiple industry verticals to help maximize your Vormetric investments ability to protect your company’s data.

Professional Services / Project-based Engagements

The second type of consulting service focuses on project-based commitments. For example, your company needs assistance in completing a discreet activity, such as migration to CipherTrust, extending Vormetric support to a new use case or line of business, or general maintenance and upgrades.

These services tend to be discreet, tactical activities that need to be completed on your existing Vormetric implementation. It can also involve break/fix support. You might be in need of professional services engineers to come in to help restore normal operations if a planned upgrade or roll-out goes sideways.

In short, if you are looking for a Vormetric consultant because you would like expert handling on a project, you’ll want to make sure any consultant you speak to has broad experience with project-based engagements.

Staff Augmentation

Perhaps your need for a Vormetric consultant requires professional services support over an extended time period. You should look for a Vormetric consultant equipped to augment your company.

Such a consultant will play a sustained role in your team to help manage and evolve your Vormetric implementation. When considering candidates for staff augmentation, it is crucial to identify communication skills that will flow seamlessly into your current team, so the focus remains on protecting your data.

2. Look in the Right Places

Once you’ve determined your engagement level, you can begin the process of looking for a Vormetric consultant.

If your preference is working with a freelance contractor, websites like Upwork and Fiverr can provide you with a list of capable candidates you can interview to inform your selection. It is possible to hire through either website with only the basic account (i.e., free), so neither should dent your recruitment budget. Additionally, you can also post on a job board, like Indeed to find the talent you are looking for.

Should your company lean towards the benefits of a small business with Vormetric expertise, LinkedIn is one of the best places to look. Its company search feature allows you to sort by industry and location, helping to narrow down the consultant selection process. Further, you can follow specific hashtags, such as #vormetric to find companies that post knowledgeable insight about the platform. It can be an effective way to find the consultant your business needs.

Finally, if budget is less of an issue and a larger consultancy is what best aligns with your company’s data protection goals, a simple Google search can find industry-leading firms such as Deloitte, Accenture, or Cognizant.

3. Focus on Outcomes

You’ve determined the type of engagement for which you need support and have pinpointed the best platform to identify a shortlist of candidates. How do you ultimately decide on a Vormetric consultant and once you do, how do you better your chances of success?

Outcomes should drive your hiring. Your consultant should be able to point to measurable value delivered. For example, how often do they manage to stay under budget, meet project timelines, or consistently complete compliance requirements through solution implementation?

A strong Vormetric consultant should name the tangible benefits they provide because they have identified measurable outcomes from previous projects. You should also request customer references that can back up their claims and experience. It will put your mind at ease that the consultant has credibility and expertise in real-world scenarios.

Once you make a final call on your Vormetric consultant you should work with them to establish your goals and what outcomes you need to achieve. Though a good consultant should already do this on their own, it is essential your company holds your Vormetric support accountable by articulating those measurable benchmarks unique to the engagement. Finally, build-in milestone markers along the way to ensure the relationship meets the high standards required to protect your data.

Sidechain Security: Vormetric Experts That Value Your Data as Much As You Do

Sidechain Security takes a data-centric approach to all its projects, ensuring the protection of your most valuable asset is always at the heart of decision making, whether with Vormetric or any of your other security needs. That is why companies like IBM, Wells Fargo, Sony Pictures, and Visa have trusted Sidechain to safeguard their most crown jewels–their data.

Our focus is on providing the best customer experience possible. That means establishing and executing goals we create with you, prioritizing best-in-service communication, and easing the burden of making decisions that can alter your security posture.

If your business seeks a Vormetric consultant, consider Sidechain. With more than two decades of industry expertise and leadership directly from the Thales family, Sidechain Security specializes in providing Vormetric support unique to the safeguarding of your business.

To learn how Sidechain can help your company achieve its Vormetric goals, try a no-cost 30-minute consultation with one of our data security experts.

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