Sidechain MDP Service Description

1. Managed Security Services for Data Protection and Privacy

Focus on what you do best and leave your data-at-rest to Sidechain Security.

Don’t leave your “crown jewels” vulnerable. Defend them! Protect your strategic business data from theft, ransomware, and privacy breaches in minutes with managed data encryption services from Sidechain.

Sidechain Managed Data Protection eliminates the complexity of achieving your data security and compliance goals. Our fully managed data encryption and privacy services deliver all the benefits of world-class data protection with none of the overhead.

Adopt enterprise-grade data security for all your sensitive data assets:

  • Around-the-clock data protection
  • No software or hardware to manage
  • Robust audit and compliance reporting
  • Backed by 20 years of industry expertise

Ironclad Data Protection, None of the Headaches

Rapid Onboarding:

  • White Glove Experience: Our customer success team supports you at every stage, from requirements to deployment to run-time protection
  • Zero-Interruption Migration: Be up and running without downtime or data corruption risk
  • No Encryption Expertise Required: No prior encryption experience necessary – start protecting your strategic data in a matter of hours

Real-time Protection:

  • One-click Encryption: Easily safeguard your file servers, application servers, data platforms, and sensitive data assets across Windows and Linux
  • Get Compliance and Stay Compliant: We take care of everything including automated key rotation, ongoing health checks, patching, encryption policy management, and more
  • Powered by Thales CipherTrust: Benefit from industry-leading enterprise data protection trusted by tens-of-thousands of companies around the globe

Active Monitoring:

  • Complete Visibility: Our easy-to-use web-based Data Protection Dashboard provides up-to-the-minute awareness of crucial encryption metrics and operational status
  • Continuous Health Monitoring: Around-the-clock monitoring ensures data protection health and encryption status with instant error notification
  • Suspicious Activity Alerting: Sophisticated log analysis and experienced encryption operations staff immediately identify unauthorized or malicious access to protected data

2. Overview of Services and Deliverables

Sidechain shall perform and complete tasks and activities as well as provide deliverables, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Migration of encryption agent management into Cloud-based platform
  • Monitoring agent health and alerting customer if action is required
  • Monitoring system logs for issues and resolving issues directly or contacting customer if action is required
  • Managing encryption requests including adding, modifying, and deleting protected directories
  • Performing key operations as needed, including key rotation, key versioning, and new key implementation
  • Maintaining backup of critical key material for disaster recovery
  • Reporting as necessary to meet compliance requirements.
  • Sidechain shall ensure the technical operation of the IT platform, interfaces, and application
  • Sidechain shall ensure a reliable operation of the Software and system(s)
  • Sidechain shall be responsible for identifying and solving of incidents and errors
  • Sidechain shall be responsible for the management of service requests


3. Sidechain Responsibilities

3.1 Operations

Sidechain Responsibilities include:

  • Selection and configuration of the Software
  • Installation and operation of the Software including maintenance (updates/security patches)
  • Automatic supervision of application-critical components
  • Operating, monitoring, and tuning of the Software
  • Perform backup and redundancy of system
  • Application Functions:
  • Ensuring the availability of the Software
  • Technical administration

3.2 Data Protection

Sidechain Responsibilities include:

  • Creation of encryption policies
  • Support for applying encryption policies to directories (aka Guardpoints)
  • Maintain encryption key security and availability
  • Generate ad hoc reporting on demand as necessary
  • Assist customer with deployment of required software agents

3.3 Other

Sidechain Responsibilities include:

  • Compliance with best practices as required for the security of the operation of the internet platform
  • Operation of the required network functionalities (LAN, WLAN, Gateways etc.) as far as they are within Sidechain’s responsibilities
  • Consultancy services in respect to change requests and other major projects subject to a separate mandate
  • Implementation of further requests subject to a separate mandate
  • Error tracking, documentation, and repair in cooperation with the customer and/or third parties
  • Administration of technical users
  • Identification, transfer, and escalation of problems caused by the system (those that can only be solved by the software vendor)

3.4 Customer Responsibilities

Customer responsibilities may include:

  • Provision of initial system databases to facilitate key import prior to migration
  • Ensuring Support is notified prior to any Linux kernel upgrades or guardpoint changes
  • Notifying Support in case of agent level issues
  • The use of the Software solution and systems as intended
  • Notification to the Sidechain of issues or problems in a timely manner.
  • Providing the Sidechain with access to equipment, software, and services for the purposes of maintenance, updates, and fault prevention.
  • To approve and ensure that Sidechain gets access to all data files in the Software as agreed in the relevant SOW
  • To ensure the operation of the (one-off) defined, unchangeable interfaces to all and any internal and external systems on the side of the customer
  • To set up its own hardware and software needed for the access to the Software at its own cost

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