Sidechain Security Announces Two New Customers in the Retail Sector

December 12, 2022

Portland, USA – Monday, December 12, 2022 – Sidechain Security, a leading provider of data security strategy and services, today announced that it has expanded its customer base across the retail sector, signing contracts with new customers operating globally.

Sidechain Security’s new customers in this sector include:

  • A US-based global retailer operating over 10,000 stores globally
  • A large online eCommerce retailer specializing in toys and games

Global retail is among the most targeted industries for cyberattack. Some estimates suggest that 25% of all cyberattacks seek to compromise retail organizations. With global consumers spending trillions of dollars each year on online and brick and mortar transactions, the wealth of payment and personally identifiable information available to steal is nearly inconceivable. To manage the hybrid brick and mortar and e-commerce environment that most retailers operate, a host of technologies are required, which creates an abundance of cyber threats. Further, retailers tend to have thin cybersecurity staffing leaving them especially vulnerable to bad actors.

Sidechain Managed Data Protection is a cloud-based solution that simplifies data security and delivers unparalleled data protection. Managed Data Protection helps organizations meet compliance needs for data-at-rest encryption without complicated products to deploy or specialized training. Global retailers tend to be incredibly stressed with their normal operations during the peak season leaving them at higher risk of cyberattack and targeted ransomware. With lean cybersecurity operations and staffing,  retailers often struggle with the proper oversight of encryption and key management operations; Managed Data Protection is the perfect fit to solve this problem. In addition, the solution supports global retailers’ ability to meet data protection and customer privacy regulations (e.g., CCPA, GDPR, PCI) that require encryption.

“As one of the five largest sectors of the U.S. economy, responsible for almost 10% of the country’s employment, the retail industry is essential to most Americans lives. Cyber disruption impacts revenue, business operations, and customer data” said Andrew Lance, Founder and CEO at Sidechain Security. “We are proud to protect some of the largest retail organizations in the world; strongly believing that no business deserves to face the uncertainty and fear of disruption caused by the threat of cyberattack. With our Managed Data Protection solution, global retailers can continue to operate and serve millions of people globally with Sidechain as their security backbone.”


About Sidechain Security

Sidechain Security is a leading global data security provider specializing in solutions that safeguard your company’s most critical asset: your data. Sidechain Managed Data Protection automates data protection through a cloud-based service that delivers unparalleled data security and compliance reporting. Sidechain’s data protection solutions have been deployed globally across all sectors, including retail, manufacturing, tech, and financial services. The company is headquartered in Portland, OR.

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