Tempered Glass: Fortifying Cyber-resiliency at Vitrazza – a Customer Success Story

By Andrew Lance | CEO

Vitrazza is an American e-commerce company producing premium customizable Glass Office Chair Mats for homes and businesses alike.

In late 2021, the company’s marketing director was reviewing search results when he stumbled upon a counterfeit duplicate site of vitrazza.com. Immediately acting, the team at Vitrazza managed to get the fraudulent site taken down before any of its potential customers were misled or impacted. Still, management was left with an uneasy feeling and began to discuss taking measures toward mitigating the risk of this type of incident occurring again.

Finding Sidechain Security’s previous report of Shopify store cloning, Vitrazza engaged with Sidechain.

What started as monitoring for additional fraudulent Shopify store clones has today grown into a relationship that sees Sidechain provide additional cyber resiliency services to Vitrazza from which the company finds “peace of mind” in knowing there is a team working “on [its] behalf to protect its brand and customers.”

Pursuing Proactive Protection

When Vitrazza decided it needed to do more to protect its brand and customers, company IT Director, Jim Whelton, began researching to find firms with experience monitoring for and handling counterfeit sites.

As Jim explains, originally, “we were of the opinion that [our site] would be protected by Shopify… because it is highly rated for its security, but we had a false peace of mind. As an American company, we treat our customers with the utmost respect, and our company values require us to prevent negative impacts on clients.” As such, Vitrazza was spurred into seeking “a more proactive posture,” to protect against major impacts of future unforeseen cyber instances.

When Jim found Sidechain he reached out for an initial consultation, from which an engagement began for Sidechain to provide Vitrazza with monitoring services for fraudulent clones of the company’s Shopify storefront. Vitrazza felt that Sidechain hit the mark by providing the information and monitoring they needed, at a price “definitely worth the value.”

Fortifying Cybersecurity Defenses and Awareness

For its initial engagement with Sidechain, Vitrazza requested site clone monitoring services, but that quickly expanded into more.

Soon after, Sidechain performed a wholesale security assessment, evaluating Vitrazza’s e-commerce presence, including its highest risk third-party tools in Shopify. Sidechain was able to identify three potential security vulnerabilities, which helped Vitrazza understand how to manage and address these risks.

Jim was quickly impressed how Sidechain CEO, Andrew Lance, “was willing and able to step in to make sure things were done” exactly how Vitrazza needed. It made it an easy choice to have Sidechain provide security awareness training to its employees, helping them to understand how they should think about security while at work.

Today, Sidechain continues its counterfeit clone monitoring service and has scanned tens of thousands of domains to identify potential Vitrazza clones.

Find Peace of Mind, Proactively Protect Your Company with Sidechain Security

In little more than six months, Sidechain and Vitrazza have significantly expanded their relationship. Jim credits this to the peace of mind Sidechain provides.

“Sidechain is easy to work with and incredibly knowledgeable. We know if something comes up, Sidechain has our back…allowing us to rely on them for quick solutions.”

In addition, Vitrazza has emphasized the affordability of Sidechain, explaining that from site duplication alone, they could have lost up to 25% of their business. Jim insists, “what we are paying is minuscule” when compared to the potential damage the company could suffer.

Together with Sidechain, Vitrazza now recognizes and begins addressing its security needs before issues arise. The partnership lets Vitrazza focus on providing the highest-quality customer experience because they know, “Sidechain is able to back us up… and it is invaluable.”

If you want to take proactive steps to fortify your cybersecurity defenses, get started now with a no-cost 30-minute consultation with a cybersecurity expert from Sidechain Security.

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